October 19th

2:51PM // 1 note // it's always sunny in philadelphia quotes: the gang recycles their trash

October 18th


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The New Girl

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American Horror Story: Asylum
Welcome to Briarcliff

June 11th

8:45AM // thoughts on true blood: turn! turn! turn!

Before we truly celebrate and analyze the return of True Blood, let’s take a moment to look at the close of last season:

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June 9th


Veep season finale this Sunday (6/10).

If you haven’t already watched (and fallen in love with) this show, do so immediately.

June 8th

11:03AM // 1 note // thefox’s ‘the choice’: my newest (not so) guilty pleasure of the summer

Let’s just get this out the way now: In terms of format, The Choice is based on NBC’s The Voice. I’m far from the first o…

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June 6th

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"It’s Gathy, with a G"

(Catnapped: The Formative Years)

6:22PM // Game of Thrones Recap: Valar Morghulis